Artist Intro Ad

Below you’ll find the specs and submission links for your artist ad.

Each asset type uses a different submission form.  Links will open in a new window, to allow you to return to this page to submit your next asset.

You may submit all assets online or attach to an email .


Artist Drop

The recording should state something like (You are welcomed to revise the wording as you wish):

“Hi this is and you are listening to my new single , available now on Spotify and Beatport” (or service of choice).
It’s important for the artist to sound excited! Also, the artist is welcome to tweak the drop to better fit their personality.

Note: The recording should be dry with no audio effects and little background noise. 

METHOD 1 - Studio Recording

Preferred Method

Record the liner in a studio setting.

METHOD 2 - Computer Mic Recording

Use an online service, like Speak Pipe using your computer mic.

METHOD 3 - Phone Recording

Go to Memos, Record Audio Drop and then email or attach the recording

Android: Look for the App Voice Recorder Record Audio Drop and email or attach the recording.


Web Ads

OPTION 1 - User Submitted Artwork

If you have the ads or are creating the ads:

Graphic Size:
Billboard: 728 x 550px
WebAd: 300 x 600px
Graphic Animation Limit: 15 seconds
Graphic File Format: JPG, PNG, GIF

OPTION 2 - New Music Showcase

If you would like us to create an artist New Music Showcase, please upload the following:

This banner is typically linked to an editorial feature with a YouTube video embedded. 

-Artist Press Photo